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Portrait Dolls

Portrait Dolls, sculpted after photographs by the doll artisan Daniela Kiefhaber are something very special for your dollhouse.

Just imagine the surprise of visitors when they see WHO inhabits your dollhouse - you or even a celebrity??

Like the other porcelain character figures the portrait dolls are sculpted direct in the porcelain clay. And of course they have multiple joints what makes them very special and very life-like.

The portrait dolls will be made to fit into your dollhouse in the style and era of your dollhouse. Just pass on photos of your desired clothes or pick a period - modern or historic, it's your choice.

Portrait Dolls are the perfect gift to remember a special day, like a wedding or christening and will last for years as a part of the family heritage.

Life in your dream dollhouse - as a portrait doll !!!
The price of a moveable porcelain portrait doll depends on clothing and accessoires. Please contact the doll artisan Daniela Kiefhaber for more information on your portrait doll.