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Tips & Hints

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Tip 1
Through a long baking time at 130°C you can reach a greater strength, which is very useful with the fine fingers. Puppenfimo and Creall Therm don´t mind a long baking time for over two hours, Fimo and Fimo Soft will change their colour (gets darker).
Tip 2
Dipping the pieces in ice cold water strengthens the fimo.

Tip 3
Smoothing before baking:

After sculpting you sometimes find finger marks and little marks from the sculpting tools. Take a soft (very important! A hard one will leave marks) brush, dipped in oil (almond oil, baby oil,...) and wiped off (just a touch of oil should stay on the brush). Gentle brush over the clay and see the marks disappear. The same effect can be made with alcohol (from the pharmacy, without taste) - be careful not to use too much.

Tip 4
Smoothing after baking:

Fill the gaps and marks with fresh clay. Mix the clay with some oil to make it softer and brush it in the marks. Works best with sculpting tools with silicon tips.

Tip 5
Smoothing after baking:
Cut the "excess" away with a X-Acto knife. Smooth the area with sanding paper and steel wool. The last smoothing should be done with nail poilish remover.

The following tips and hints don´t mean to be a complete sculpting direction. They should make beginning difficulties easier. They rely on (oven hardening) polymer clays like Fimo, Creall Therm and Puppenfimo!
The author is not responsible for any loss. All statements without guarantee.

If you want your tips and hints to be published here, please contact the doll artisan.